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Scouting in Boston

Bringing Families Together

Scouting is families working together to help raise each others children. By participating in Scouts your son or daughter benefits from the best skills and talents of all the parents in the neighborhood, and you get a chance to make new friends and expand your skills.

Getting Families Outdoors

Scouts learn to be physically fit, develop healthy habits and explore the outdoors. Whether you’re part of a family that has NEVER camped before or your family that is prepared to scale the highest New England peaks, the scouting program provides the opportunity for every family to get outdoors together.

Building Strong Communities

Scouting provides the most community service hours of any organization in Massachusetts. Scouts learn the value of giving back and actively experience citizenship. Leadership is at the core of all Scouting activities and independent Baylor University study shows Scouts grow up to be more compassionate, environmental, and healthier than other men.


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